December 13, 2010

The Advantage of Invisible

The boy was full of the holiday joy and spirit until I was spotted at his preschool Christmas performance.  Ah, the advantage of being invisible.  Last year, he never saw me, and it went off without a hitch.

That's him in the middle...

"What? Is that.. is that mommy?"

"Oh my gosh, it's mommmmmmmy!"


Poor little guy.  He's been singing the Christmas songs for three weeks.  And apparently, I ruined the performance by just showing up.  His teacher said, "He hasn't been this upset... since you came to the Halloween Festival."

Now, I could have taken huge offense to that little comment.

Afterall, sounds like I'm not very well liked by my own kid. But I know what James wanted. When I scooped him out of the Christmas program and put him in my chair, he said, "I wanna go home with you, Momma."  He figures that he'd rather hang with me, than jingle some homemade bells. And I consider that a compliment. 

And while it was highly agitating to be that parent of the crying Christmas kid, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the karmic wheel turn to three of the scowling parents during the pizza lunch:  two of the kids hit their smugly mothers and another little girl almost picked her nose clean off her face, much to her mother's horror.

As for my boy:  I'll take a little Christmas scrooginess versus Katy McBoogers, Slappy O'Slapperson and Missy McHit.

And the live video? Here it is!


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