December 16, 2010

BlogVice: The Best Crayons (Ever)

I hate crayons.  The broken mess. The smell and feel of the crayon wax. The sight of  the shredded crayon paper was slowly undoing I went on a mission to find a crayon alternative. 

I stumbled across Crayola's Twistable Crayons.  One word: brilliant. (And yes, still a crayon).

The kids are thrilled.  They believe they have real, adult markers in their possession. The thin, plastic shape facilitates fine motor skills.  The "crayons" actually sharpen by twisting up (think: eyeliner with no real sharpening necessary).  The points are fine enough to actually color, but not fine enough to create a weapon during the two child mutiny.  There is no stinky crayon smell.  No broken crayons on the floor. No peeling of the crayon paper.  Love love love.

A+ to Crayola.  And yaay for me:  the end result was thirty solid minutes of solid, cooperative, quiet art projecting.

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