December 7, 2010

Happy BoobDay, Expert!

Tomorrow is the Expert's birthday.

BUT...he is getting suprised tonight with a little impromptu b-day party from me and the kids... and a homemade lunch break cake.  Since he has sworn off Facebook and other social networking, there's no chance he'll see this before the big reveal.

The kids think this is a froggy cake, with his big eyes and two tier smile.

But I understand how much men like boobies, so really, it's a Happy "BoobDay" cake.  Not my finest work, but certainly not the worst. The picture really does it no justice.  It's quite beautiful, actually! 

Happy Birthday to the love of my life.  You're 34, and I'm 31 - that makes us officially old people.

And....I can only imagine what's going to happen to the top of this cake.

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