December 7, 2010

Still Fighting & Tree Farms

...and the Terrible Threes:

Yes, he's still fighting... although this year was a fight with a purpose: to dismantle the Thompson Christmas Tree Farm and take over as it's evil owner! Moo ha ha! I love the spirit in this child of mine. He is a handleful (yes, as in a handle 'o bourbon) and never boring - I'll give him that.

We had a lovely time picking out our tree this year at the Thompson Farm in Lawrenceville. The weather was brrrrrrrr, and the kids were a little mismatched and looking like homeless babies, but it was great fun. Stella wanted to pet the goats and chase the hayride and was terrified when the Expert walked away for awhile (ah-hem, super duper Daddy's girl). 

The tree still stands in our foyer undecorated, but eventually we'll get to it.  For now, the kids say, "oh nice tree" and they seem happy. We'll go with it!

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