January 13, 2011

Back to Work

I am still sort of iced in, but have been working at home, as usual, for two days.  Our nanny made it in yesterday and today, and I am so glad to back into adult work.  I managed a little legal work on Monday and Tuesday, but it's difficult with kids around, coloring on title exams and sneezing on lawsuits.

Of course, I love love love my kids.... but staying home makes me insane.  I'm not sure if it's simple cabin fever, or if its my brain and social skills seeping out of my toes that's the main cause of alarm.  Not that I don't enjoy Sesame Street and coloring books, or tea party, but...

Either way, I am so glad to have had these few days at home with them.  We managed loads of laughs and snuggles, and more sleep than I have had in three years.  So while I was cursing the snow and ice, deep down, I am so glad we had it.  I feel like a new human.  And the kids seems happy too, to have had time with both of us. 

Now (sound of cracking whip)...back to work.

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