January 8, 2011

Be Afraid

So without giving too much information...and harming my oath...and the vows... and the crap that associated with being a lawyer.... I see this story (Federal judge, child among 6 killed in shooting outside Arizona store) ...and I lose it.

I had a court hearing last week. 

I deal with crazy people all the time.  That's life.  But when the crazy person (from another state) shows up in Court, stares at me for over an hour, waiting for our case to be called (after calling my cell phone for the past two weeks), and then the Judge (after I request some assistance, some protection) shrugs it off, claiming the guy is "harmless"...AND continues the case for another four weeks (meaning I have to deal with his dumbass for another thirty days), I get a little freaked. Okay.  Freaked is not the word.  Effing furious... more like it.

When one walks into our esteemed Superior Courthouse at our State capitol, one finds herself staring face to face with three beautiful oil paintings... of three people killed by an idiot.  A judge. Two law enforcement officers.  Dead.  Because of our system.

The best part about the the oil painting reminders? They slap you in the face right after you pass through Fulton County "security".  Everyone has been 'screened' for weapons.  And we feel safe.  Then we round the corner and see the paintings.
And on Monday, there I was... in that same place, staring face to face with a person who I think may be problematic. And I am reminded: no one is really safe.  Law is not safe. Nothing is safe. And while I am not scared, I am just simply over it.

I have a criminal defendant who threatened me four years ago at his sentencing.  He is "free" in one year.  I have that in the back of my mind.  Only because he reminded me, as they led him away in handcuffs. Something like, "You white b*itch! I'll find you in five years and you are dead!"  But yet, I have a Facebook profile.  I am available. I am admitted to the bar.  He can just walk in and shoot me.  Whatever.  There are others, lurking.  I hate criminal law, which is why I am out.

And now, I am a blogger. Even with over 500 hits a day, I remain pretty anonymous.  But not completely. Anyone with a good PI (like we have) could figure me out.  And really, that's just plain scary.

Being a lawyer has its advantages.  Not alot, but some.   Salary is one - but trust me, it's not as high as you think (!).  Secondly is respect.  Ha.  Everyone hates lawyers.  Thirdly, and the real benefit, is people tend to screw with you less if you drop the L bomb.  "Hi, I'm Me. I'm a Lawyer. I'd like to get out of this blasted lease."  It works for that.  "Hi, I just ordered this pizza. I need it now, or you're getting sued."  Perfect.

Otherwise.  People.  Please.  Do not become a lawyer.  How many times have I preached this?

Perhaps, I should caveat it. 

If you are a woman, then do not become a lawyer.  Men with women at home - lawyer is no big deal. They can stay late.  Work some crazy discovery into the wee hours of the morning.  But try and have children and be that same lawyer - and be a woman.  The blocks just don't stack.

I have an email address.  I pray - any woman, mother who thinks law is for her... just email me.  I will buy you a muffin, a cuppa coffee, and a day at my office to prove... PROVE to you...that it's not what you want. 

Go forth. Find your real passions.  And ignore any inklings to be a part of our fabulous system. It's so sickly overrated.  I can't even describe (lest I be fired, as everyone at work reads my blog).  Hi everyone.  I love you.


stephanie said...

Amen. And this is why I have given up keeping up with the boys and am now a "part-time" lawyer. Ha.

Mere said...

I hear you, Stephanie... Keeping up with the boys is impossible and ridiculous.

At my old firm, I used to hear comments all the time about me....something like: "yeah SHE leaves early all the time."

I wanted to say, "If I had YOUR ugly, stupid, ridiculous, money-spending wife at home, I wouldn't have to (want to) leave early either." :)

Good luck, ladies!