January 30, 2011

The Boogie Test

As luck would have it with the Expert in Australia, three-year old James has the flu.   My folks were in town and watched Stella while I took James to one of the clinics in town this morning.  After two hours, one stink bomb diaper in the waiting room, and one altercation with the receptionist regarding our insurance, the verdict was in:  flu. 


James really loved the flu diagnostic test. (Ah-hem. Not).  I tried to tell him that the nasal swab was really a boogie test, to count the number of boogers he had.  He wasn't buying it.  

Two prescriptions of Tamiflu later (one for Stella - the doc was nice enough to look into his crystal ball and see the future), I am holding my breath and trying not to touch either of them.  Well, of course that's not true.  But still.

Last night was rough.  Not as bad as Puke-a-Palooza (Parts One and Two), but still pretty unfavorable. 102-103 fever most of the night.  Steam room.  And the little monkey in the bed with me (another sighting into the future of me with the flu).  But here's the proof that he is sick... he barely moved all night and just snuggled up next to me.  I couldn't sleep worrying about him.  And I couldn't sleep worrying about my mother (who was upstairs, worrying about James and thinking he needed to go to the ER).

My folks went home. The Expert is still Down Under, so it's just the Trio.  We plan on hiding in, watching movies and wiping noses, loading up on heart-shaped grilled cheese and soup.  I try to be positive, but that's difficult when you have a burning hot baby boy and no idea what to do...especially when you've done everything there is to do.

Stella (fingers crossed) appears okay.  I feel alright for now.  Here's hoping.

As I was tucking the heavy-eyed boy into the bed, he wanted to discuss his day at the clinic.

James:       I went to the doctor.

Me:            You sure did. That was a nice doctor, wasn't he?

James:       Yes. He tested my boogies.

Me:            Yes, to make sure you get better.

James:       That boogies test is scary.

Me:            No, buddy, not scary.

James:       Yes, it was. Scary. It was my nose, Momma.


Maeve's Momma said...

Awww! Well, I guess he oughta know! Good luck staying healthy!

Mere said...

thanks girl!