January 6, 2011

Chick Magnet Shirts

My dad ("Papa") loves the grandparent t-shirts.  You know, the ones you find on Shutterfly or Snapfish.  Upload a picture of the grandchild.  The service prints on t-shirt and voila - happy, happy birthday. Dad loves them.  He really, really does. 

My mother curses me every holiday, when I send him a new one.  

Apparently, Dad wears the shirt, and lots of ladies hit on him, saying "oooh, is that your grandbaby?"  He's using the shirts as chick magnets.  Another reason my mom curses me.

Anyway, this photo is from Stella's birthday party.  I find it laugh-out-loud hilarious....

Dad is wearing James.  And apparently also feeding James the cake.  Love it! 

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