January 5, 2011

Defiance, No Matter What

Happy New Year everyone!  This year promises to be a calm, soothing, zen-like state for our family. 

Oh okay, yes, I am smoking crack. 

Although I declare that this year must be slightly calmer: I have no new job in the future- or at least, not that I am aware of (yikes!); no big Aussie invasion; no new terrible twos or threes - just the same old two monkeys in their respective ages.   I am hoping for a semi-zen state.  Semi.  Come on - that is not too much to ask people!

So I just had to report on this funny Hump Day convo that I had with James today.  He was showing some true bratty, non-sharing-with-his-sister colors, and I thought since it was a new year, I would try some reverse psychology on him and his strong as iron will.

Me: (to James)  You are such a big boy, aren't you? 
He looks at me.  Closes his eyes, and kind of rolls them.  My three year old looks at me like I'm a jackass.

Me:       James, aren't you such a big boy?
James:   No, I not!
Me:        Yes you are.  You are growing up so big.
James:   No! No! No! I NOT a big boy. I'm a girl!
Me:        Oh, you are a girl? Like sissy?
James:   No, Sissy is a baby.  I'm a BIG girl.

Well, alrighty then.  I am clearly no psychologist. Or if I am, I should have my license revoked, as my therapy tends to invoke spontaneous gender dissociative dysphoria disorder.  Or whatever.  Some shrink I am.  Can't even name the disorder I invoked.  Okay, ha ha ha...  I'm out.  Happy hump day, ya'll.

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