January 16, 2011

Funny Weekend

:        I took my diaper off! I went pee pee on the floor!
Me:            James, why?  My goodness.
James:       Oh, it was an accident, Momma.
Me:            Oh, well, an accident is okay.
James:        I meant to do the accident, Momma.

James:        You eat the cookie, Stella.
                   (There is no cookie)
Stella:         Okay, in car wash.
James:        You eat a car wash cookie.
Stella:         Yeah.
James:        It's a good car wash cookie, Stella!
Stella:         No.  It's not.  P-U.

James:        Mr. Sweet Potato Head is flying.
Stella:         Weeeeeeee! Weeeee!
James:        No, wee wee, Stella. Mr. Sweet Potato no has a wee-wee today.

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