January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Stella Rae!

Okay, so this post is a week late.  But I imagine your birthday posts will always be....

Happy birthday to my dear sweet baby girl.  You are two.  And sweet. And funny. And a big ole party!  I love that you are a New Year's Eve baby, and at the age of two have already mastered the art of "CHEERS!" and raising your sippy cup.  You are the best. 

I hope you like the cake I made you...and it makes up for the super fast birthday party we had.  James had more of a "real" party; but I made your cake.  It's a trade off and an equal one, I hope.

Your birthday party was like a party to-go.  Or having a birthday party in a car wash.  We put on the party wheels.  Wheeled you through "happy birthday" and then all sat down.  But that's okay.  The holiday aftermath. You will always have the largest party in the world, all around the world, for your entire day.

Maybe someday, you and I will make it to Times Square.  Although, by the time I could handle that crowd, then I'll be the one in diapers. 
But at least by then, maybe Dick Clark will have given it up. (Good grief).

New Year's is a special day.  Not only because you came into our life, but also because that's the holiday your father and I started dating.  Our first date.  Coffee.  At Denny's. The funny part: we didn't really know it was a date at the time.  Just a couple of old weightlifting pals getting together and catching up after a year of not seeing each other.

And we dated, got married...and now, we have you. 

And I am forever thankful for New Year's Eve, for a million reasons - you being the most beautiful one.  The Expert is a good reason.  But he's not nearly as cute in pigtails. 

I love you, Stella girl.


Amanda said...

Hi! I just found your blog through the nestwork. I LOVE the cake! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.

Looking forward to exploring your blog a little.

Mere said...

Thanks, Amanda! I look forward to checking out yours! Have a great weekend!

Chris and Rachel said...

Okay, that is so weird. I was just browsing some of your posts since I'm new to your blog, and I thought it was pretty cool that your little girl is a New Year's Eve baby, too. Even weirder...Chris and I started dating on New Year's. That's really pretty crazy.

Mere said...

I didn't realize your girl was a New Year's Eve baby, too! And the dating thing... weird. Such a small, weird world! :)