January 10, 2011

Oreo Gets a Snow Day

Oreo was supposed to go back to school today, but luckily, it's a snow day - and we get to record another day of Oreo adventures!

Okay, so the snow really is an adventure.  Looks like ole Lawrenceville brought down about five or six inches.  Stella Rae decided sleeping in just wasn't for her, so that was a snow day buzz kill.  Snow day should equal sleep in late, have greasy breakfast and play inside, then outside.  Oh, but not here. 

Snow day = wake up before the crack of dawn and serve toddler like a serf.

Oh, but it will be fun.  Can't help but enjoy building a huge snow man.  Drinking lots of hot coffee.  Watching the kids get super excited about it. And then saying "no, no no no no no" and "you stop that" and "quit hitting your sister" all day long.   

Happy snow, people!

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