January 11, 2011

Snow Crazed

Snow days are clearly making us crazy.  We are still iced in, and the major highways in Atlanta are still a royal mess.  There is no moving forward for us today.  I am trapped. With nothing but healthy food, and no pizza delivery guys coming out.  I should lose weight.  Should.

The kids are going crazy.  Stella was buck naked when I woke her up this morning.  Snow is on the ground, and Princess Potato Head is heading up a baby strip show. 

As I was forcing (literally, forcing) clothes onto her, James found a pair of her tights.  "Ooooh, I found bunny ears! I am a bunny rabbit! Hop! Hop!"

He takes off hopping.  And because today is so crazy, I don't even notice he is trying to hop down the stairs.  Luckily, bunny rabbits are pretty agile at stairs.  No issues.  Good thing.  Like Georgia emergency vehicles are even responding.

Our crazy neighbors are sledding down their driveway on some sort of makeshift sled. We have about three inches of ice in our yard, and another two inches is lining the street.    We have a one layer snowman from yesterday - his bottom half is nice and round.  Poor snow dude. I don't think he's going to get a head or real body today. 

All we have is ice.  Unless we get motivated and do some sot of extension cord, hair dryer thing for the sake of a snow person. Doubtful.
Today is 1/11/11. I'm posting this at 11:11.  (And my 11th post of the new year!)  And I know this, because I don't have anything better to do.  Well, it's that....or find a pair of pantyhose to wear on my head. Stay tuned.  Another day of being cooped up while the Expert is on a slew of uber-important conference calls (ah-hem - he's most likely hiding in the office watching You Tube videos)...  I may be wearing all sorts of things on my head by the time this day is over.  Not to mention the pile of work I have sitting in my bag at the foot of the stairs.  Staring at me like a vicious animal.

By the way, I am starting a list of the most fabulous kid movies that are (most importantly) also enjoyable for adults. So far, after watching Despicable Me yesterday, I have added that to my very short list of Madagascar 2 and the Toy Story Trilogy.  But so far, that's all I've got. 

The Disney animated cartoons get on my nerves.  The girls with their big innocent eyes and long flowing hair.  The Little Mermaid I love.. only because a mermaid is absolutely not real. At all. I guess I need a little more grit in my cartoons.   Although, I think now, I like villians, animals and toys.  Apparently, not stories about people at all.  Please give me some new suggestions.  Especially on this snow day. 


Maeve's Momma said...

Do you like any of the Studio Ghibli films like Totoro, Ponyo, or Spirited away? Even when juvie in content, the artwork is breathtaking.

Staci said...

The Lion King... by far the best Disney movie of all time!

Mere said...

I haven't heard of the Studio Ghibli films, but will check it out...

Oooh, the Lion King... I forgot that.

AND... I forgot KUNG FU PANDA. That is awesome!

stephanie said...

A little late for the snow days but have you seen Ratatouille? We watch that one over and over again at our house...