January 27, 2011

Toilet Talk

As I was putting James to bed last night, the conversation went something like this:

Me:   James, when do you want to start going to the potty? Because I think it's about time. You're three. (He looks at me, clearly considering the question.)
James: No, I not. I'm toot(Okay, so I laugh a little on this one.)

Me:    Well, you used to be two, not toot. But now you are three.

James: Oh. O-kayyyy. No toot.

Me:     Right. Three. So do you want to go to the potty soon?

(He looks at me, kinda cocking his head to the side.  He sighs and throws his hands in the air.)

James:  I just don't know, Momma.


Maeve's Momma said...

I like it - I think everyone inherently things farts are funny and only socialization makes us hide that giggle. :)

Atlanta's Frugal Mom said...

I thought long ago -and perhaps this conversation confirms it- you could potty train both James and Stella at the same time. Girls tend to train earlier, and she might enjoy going potty, like her brother. (Well, the sitting down version....) I say send those two to Potty Training Boot Camp! ;o)

Carol's started showing interest, even though I'm SO not holding my breath for her to be out of diapers ANY time soon. However, she's sat on the potty for the last week, went pee-pee on the potty Tuesday, keeps asking to sit on the potty throughout the day, and continues to show interest in watching me and her friends at school use the potty. (Yet another benefit of teaching 2-year-olds this year: I've relearned & re-perfected the art of putting on a standing child!)

Good luck! At least James can aim for the Cheerios! ;o)

Mere said...


Yup. I am so potty training both of them together. They are both right on the cusp of ready. Stella appears even more so than James. I am thinking next month. Or whenever James stops saying "no" to every damn thing I say.

I may be the only mother in the world who likes diapers. It's contained nastiness... once the diaper is gone, then I'm not sure what we are dealing with...