February 14, 2011

Happy Virus Day

The thing with kids - seems like one is always sick. James had the flu two weeks ago, and now Stella Rae has the creeping crud... a hacking, chesty cough that goes on for five minutes, then followed by three rounds of dry heaving, topped off with a nasty vomit. 

Every time Stella throws up, James cries and screams "oooooh, no, Sissy!!!" and the house spins around in circles of utter mayhem. 

Sick children are so pitiful.  But sick children are also.... ew-eee nasty.  The stuff that comes out of something the size of a tree stump..... man.  Enough to make an Expert gag.

Poor Stella, in her icky state, didn't get to take her serious work of art fabulous Valentine's Box to school today.  Poor baby girl.

Hoping for better day tomorrow.  All around.  We won't even go into the crapola mess that was my day.  It was pretty close to the artwork on Stella's box.

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