February 24, 2011

Home A-Lone?

I work from home two days a week.  I mean really work (not stay-at-home mom "work from home"). Our nanny comes in, I log in remotely, calls are routed home, and it's business as usual. The kids have no idea I am even here - I just hide upstairs in the bonus room office and work - and then sneak down for lunch when they are out of the house, at school or otherwise. Also, they go to school many days of the week, so I have the whole house to myself, quiet, and work-a-palooza.

The whole working from home thing is a miracle, and I love it. Pajamas, mini-fridge and sunshine streaming into the office... it's the best. And the commute is even better.

Sometimes on days I am home, our nanny, Staci, will put Stella Rae down for a nap, and then leave to go pick up three-year old James from his preschool. It's not like I have to "watch" Stella, obviously, because she is sleeping.

Anyway, our nanny just texted me.... as she picked up James from school:

Staci:    Hi, James!

James:  Where's Stella?

Staci:    She's at home, napping.

James:  BY HERSELF????

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The Toddler said...

You are in trouble ... that James is far too clever for his own good!