February 1, 2011

The List of It

So far, on the list of "What Do We Call It", I have received many, many funny emails with great (and sick... hello, "Spanky?") suggestions.

Here's the List Thus Far:
Mine (I'm not sure grammatically, how to handle this one)
Long Duck Dong (very funny, Expert)
Mister (oh, no)
Dangle (!)
Pinkie (ew)
Tattle (?)
Trucky (?)
Tee Tee
LuLu (just added)
Monkey (!)
Dilly Wong (from the same contributor as 'Dilly')

(Oh, and the one annoying comment from a reader saying we ought to call it by the proper physiological name.  Clearly, this blog is not for you. Proper. Hah. Move on.)

And I will not print the completely icky ones, and of course, the adult names.  Even though some of the above are icky.  Some of the others.... oh man.... anyway.

And in what could be the best name of the day... my grandmother called me about thirty minutes ago. "I've got a name," she says.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes!  Pedro.  Isn't that Spanish for 'Peter'?"

Oh wow. That's a winner.  Er, a wiener.  Oh, whatever.  Love Pedro. Right now, I'm seriously considering Pedro and Tally.  I guess, really, it's up to the Expert to decide since he's the man of the house... and this is kind of a man decision.  But I must present him with all the information.

T-minus.... hmmmmm... two weeks to potty training?  I'm just not sure, Momma.

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