February 15, 2011

Mother Suckers

Here are two shining examples of why I will never be elected as "class mother."  Below are two valentines sent home with my two year old daughter today. 

....from her two year old preschool classmates, people.

God bless these mothers... because they are either saints or... as I tend to believe... minions of Satan. 

Minions of Satan with nothing but spare time...who have set forth on evil missions to make the "rest of us" look like terrible mothers.

Mission accomplished.

(Please note that the above valentine was personalized for each individual child in the class. Dear God.)

In my case, I spent $3.97 on princess valentines for Stella. Princess valentine were a big enough stretch for me. But, these puppies came complete with free suckers. 

Well, I trudged home with the box of free suckers and valentines, only to open them up... and find that someone had actually stolen the cards from the box. 

But they left the suckers.

So, not only are fancy valentines not really an option for my dear daughter because she was born to the wrong mother...but also, the idiot who stole her valentine cards wasn't even smart enough to take the suckers too.  Poor girl was stuck with suckers and no cards.  What kind of valentine joke is that? No card? (Thankfully, Staci saved the day with extra cards.)

But seriously...what is going on in this world?? Reminder:  we are talking about two year old kids here.

Part of me wants to take these women out.  Surely I can hit them with some fancy crafts for the next holiday.  Work some mommy voodoo magic. That's the competitor in me.

And the other part of me wants to mock them.  Which is the reality of me.  So... mocking it is.

In the meantime, Stella says "thanks" for the stickers, bubbles and fancy-pants shovel from the Mother Suckers of the two year old class!  Cheers!

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