February 17, 2011

Open Mouth, Insert Blog

I love when I send the Expert a random G-chat ("hi") and he responds with the following:

For the love...am I that bad and unpredictable that he needs to warn me that others are watching?  Am I so bad that he would rather risk sending a humiliating warning in front of seventeen people (which says about him: I have a crazy beotch for a wife) ...than risk those people seeing what may appear in my next chat?

I think this calls for a little self-evaluation.... Okay.  Evaluated. 

Yes, I am that bad and ripe for spouting off some crazy garbage at any moment. Heh heh.  And I am glad he warns me.  I love that guy.

Along the same thread, I found out today that my awesome Hair Stylist Goddess sends her daughter to the same prescchool as James.  And the little monkeys are in the same class.  What fun!  I thought, this is really going to be cool

At least, that's what I was thinking for a split minute... until, after chattering with Hair Goddess further, I learn that not only is she my Facebook friend, but she is also a fan of this blog... who is friends with another girl who also reads my blog... who is friends with the mother of the little girl who made one of the mocked and photo-featured Suck Up Valentines for Stella's class.


What a small world.  And now, my mother's worse fear has come true.  She is constantly saying:  "you need to be careful what you are writing because someone could figure out you are talking about them." 

Well, in this case... there's no real question.  There's photo evidence. Ooops.

My first instinct was to rush home and delete the posting.  Then I thought....eh, what the hell.  Not like she will be the first mother I offend in my countless years remaining as a parent.  Might as well try out the training wheels....  Actually, I've been riding this bicycle for quite some time.

I'll never forget.  When I found out I was pregnant with James, my legal assistant at the time said:
"Boy, oh boy, that is going to be one sarcastic child." 

"Aw, thank you!" I said.

As an update on the kids (since technically this blog is Blogventures of Them, not stupidity of Me).... last night, Stella escaped the playroom gate (not sure how) and was wandering around in the foyer.  James comes over to me, and points his tattletale finger at her.

James:     Stella!  Look at!

Me:          I see her.  She escaped.

James:     Stella need time out.

Me:          Yes, I think she does.

James:     Take her toys outside, too.

Me:          You are quite a tattletale, aren't you, James?

Stella:      (piping up from the peanut gallery) Yeah!


Suzy said...

Oh man, chick. You are freaking awesome. I should never read your blog at work. It's dangerous.

Mere said...

You are too funny... :) My blog is dangerous. It's the biggest time suckage ever... trust me... I know. :)