February 1, 2011

What Do We Call It?

Our nanny raised an interesting point today.  Since James is going to embark on potty training soon (yes, he's over three ....shut up, everyone), we need to have a "name" for his...um... well, for his.... boy part.

I always thought "pee pee" was reasonable; but then, that's probably going to confuse things when we are emphasizing the act of actually peeing

And "wiener", he loves to say, but I'm not sure about that's acceptable.

Help, you guys! What do we call "it" ...I need a name that won't get me evil looks in public (aside from the evil looks I already get).


The Brooks Family said...

Hahahaha... we had the same conversation when Logan was three. We couldn't decide on anything acceptable. So one day I looked at Logan, pointed to "it" and said, "what is that?" He giggled and said, "my dilly." I have no idea where that came from, but it stuck and he still calls it that. However, at age four he changed it to dilly wong. Again, don't ask me where he comes up with this stuff, but at age 7 his "dilly wong" continues to be one of his very favorite topics of conversation :) Good luck!

Mere said...

I love it! Dilly.

Staci said...

There is always "peep" :)

Mere said...

Oh that made the list... see the next post! :) I'm sure someone would be THRILLED to know that. :)