February 6, 2011

You Take a Nap

James is very proud of himself now that he no longer takes naps.  Almost cocky.  "I no take a nap no more, Sissy."  And now he is bossy.  When Stella naps, it's a good time for James and I to catch up and have some down time.  I liked it when I had two napping children (which meant time during the day to workout or whatever)... but I'll take one still napping.  Lord help me when they both shed naps.

At 10:30 this morning the convo already turned to napping, and went something like this:

James:        Sissy, time for you to nap.

Stella:         No!

James:        Stella, go to bed now.

Stella:         I no!  You go. No!

James:        Momma, I think Sissy needs nap.  I think Sissy go to bed.

Me:             James, it's not time for a nap for Stella

James:       Yes.  Sissy tired. (He thinks for a minute). 
                    Look at Sissy.  It time.

Me:             I see her.  She doesn't need a nap yet.

James:       (he's thinking again)
                    Is that the truth?

Me:             Yes.

James:        (hearing an airplane outside). Oooh, what's that sound?

Me:             I think that's an airplane outside.

James:        I think that's right.

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