March 23, 2011

Aunt Mommy

I was a stay at home mom today.  Playing trophy wife isn't really fun when: I need to be at work, and I'm not a trophy.

Regardless, I had three hours to accomplish some work while the kids were at school.   As I drop the kids off, two of the teachers re-introduce themselves to me.  Again.  Even though I have met these people several times now.

I love being made to feel that I am oh-so-uninvolved.

I love it.  Love love love. Love it.

Drop Off #1:
Teacher:      Hi, uh, who are you?
Me:              Oh, um. I'm James' mom.
Teacher:      Oh, the Mother.  Nice to meet you.
Me:              Actually, we've met before.
Teacher:      (thinking) No.  I don't think so.
Me:              Well, we have.
Teacher:       Huh.
Me:               Alrighty.  Well, I'll be back to pick him up.  Me.  Mom.
Teacher:       Okaaaay!

Drop Off #2
Teacher:       Oh, welcome.  And you are...?
Me:               Stella's mom.
Teacher:       Wow!  Okay!  Nice to meet you.
Me:               Actually.... nevermind.
                      Nice to meet you, too.
Teacher:       We just never see you, that's all.
Me:               Yeah.  Just call me Aunt Mommy.

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thenakedmaid said...

I love reading your blog about being a working mom!!!