March 5, 2011

Is it Wrong...

....when I see the Facebook Page labeled "I LOVE BEING A MOM," I just can't bring myself to click "like"?

Is it because I know the "types" of mothers who click "like"?  I blame that.  Obviously, I am a mom. I love my kids. But the thought: I heart being a mom ...just isn't something I'm willing to "like."  

Being a mom is like saying: I like having wee people be the boss of me. I like never sleeping. I like being pooped upon.  It's counter-intuitive.

I would click "like" for:  I love my kids.  I think my kids are funny.  Kids are hilarious.  Kids are worth having. My kids are way better than your kids.

But to "like" the page "I love being a mom"... perhaps, a play on semantics, but... I ...just... can' ...."like."

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