March 2, 2011

Product Review: Princess Leia?

Princess Leia TM Infant/ToddlerAs a part of a product review program at Costume Discounters, I was asked to pick a costume for one of the kids, try it out, and review it.   I was stoked.  I picked out the costume, requested that it be shipped to my work address, and I waited.

I received an email from one of my co-workers saying that my "Halloween Costumes for the kids had arrived" and wasn't I just a Sucker Mother for ordering so far in advance.

Au contraire!  I could never be so prepared!  Halloween is October, people.  But I'm sure the Sucker Moms are making treat bags as we speak....

So, I had browsed the costumes at Costume Discounters to pick out the one I wanted, and I saw this: Princess Leia for Stella girl.  Holy cow, it was awesome.  And hilarious. Two things I love.

And I have a co-worker who dressed up as Leia for Halloween, and I desperately wanted to present her with a photo of Stella as Leia... to do her legacy its proper honor.

I bring the costume home and unwrap it.   The kids are so excited.  Turns out, the size I ordered was massive. I ordered a Toddler 2-4, and Stella is a 2T.  It would have swallowed her.

So I held the costume up to the boy child and made an executive decision. Perfection. I mean, really... why have children at all if you can't dress them up?

The robe is a pretty great material for the price.  Felt-ish feeling polyester with velcro closures, and it's the perfect length for a three year old (the 2-4 size).  Actually, the Toddler 2-4 is perfect for a 3T kid.  Of course, it's "costumey" material, but quite nice.  

I am less than thrilled with the felt "buns" to wear on the head.  They kinda look like poo, but that's part of the appeal I think.  Or cinnamon buns... MMmmm... Poo buns.  So the poo buns were a little loose, but I think the costume overall just ran big, and therefore, the head piece also was large.  Nothing a little bobby pin action wouldn't fix. 

But the mission was accomplished:  the costume was awesome and hilarious. 

And James was a fan. James is rarely a fan of anything [right now, he's throwing his Thomas trains around the playroom, chanting: I no like these TRAAAAAINS!!!"]. So. Anyway, he liked Princess Leia.

And I like dressing my son up in ridiculous things because he tortures me on a daily basis. And this just feels so wrong, it's right.

I give the Princess Leia costume from Costume Discounters FOUR out of FIVE BlogVentures stars.  

If the headpiece had fit a little better, then it would have clenched the title. Love the robe.  I think it will make a nice transition from Leia to Christmas Angel costume too.

As for the Poo Buns... I think I could have fun leaving those lying around in random places around the office.

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