March 2, 2011

True Love

I was text chatting with my husband just a bit ago.  He's still at work, and I'm at my second job (a/k/a Zookeeper Extraordinaire).  It went something like this:

The Expert:    How are the kids?

Me:                 Kids?  Oh, I only see things climbing the walls.

The Expert:    Okay. I'm leaving here in 3 minutes.

Me:                 I'm warning you, the children may not be alive when you come home.

The Expert:    That's okay.  I understand. 
                        ....And I forgive you.

Ahhhhhh. Now that is true, true love.

I kid, I kid.

Oh, kids....

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Brian gets that comment from me all the time. I tell him frequently there is a distinct possibility the household will have decreased by at least one.