March 14, 2011

What ARE They Talking About? Part 2

James:        Stella, you go to time out!  
                    Now, okay?

Stella:          No.  I no time out.  Bubba time out!

James:        I tell you do something, Stella Rae, and you do it, okay? Now, time out, okay?

Stella:          No!!! Time out! You.

James:        Stella!!! I said do it.  You are in big trouble, sissy.  

Stella:          I not.  You time out!  Bubba.

James:        I am not in time out, Stella!

Stella:          Time out! Time out!  

James:        Sissy, you stop it! You don't know nothing. 

Stella:          No no no!

James:        Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Stella is bugging me, Momma!!

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