April 2, 2011

Escape Conspiracy Theory

Last night, The Expert and I secure the troops in their respective beds and walk downstairs. I go into our bedroom (which is on the first floor), and the Expert is watching television.

I hear noises upstairs.  A few minutes later, I walk out of the bedroom to see James and Stella playing in the living room.  The Expert looks at me, startled, and immediately confused.

"I thought you were upstairs and let them come down," he says.

"Nope," I say. "Clearly, I was in the bedroom.  They escaped."

We look at each other.  Then we both look at Stella. James never leaves his bed. And we have a doorknob protector on the inside of his door, just in case.


Here's the conspiracy theory: Stella climbed out of her crib.  Opened her unprotected door.  Walked down the hall where (here's the kicker) she then opened her brother's door, and undoubtedly the convo went something like:

Stella:    Okaaaay, bubba. Down'tairs. You go.
James:   You come in my room, Stella?
Stella:    Yeah.
James:   Oh, okay.  Let's go.
Stella:    Yaaay!

Thirty seconds after that.  The kids have re-joined the party.   And we have yet another adventure in terrible two land....

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