April 10, 2011

My Mommy!

I'm sitting at the dining room table about to start a little work after this morning's bike/run.  The Expert just took off for his bike ride.  The kids are happy - coloring/stickering/stamping on either side of me while I work.  I am listening to their conversation.

James:    I have more stickers than you, Stella.
Stella:     I no stickers.  Bugs.
James:    I want bug stickers.
Stella:     Oh, okay.  Here. Bubba.
James:    Look, Mom. I have bug stickers.
Stella:     Okay.
James:    This is my Momma, Stella.
                You can't have her.
Stella:      My Momma!
James:     No, this is my Momma, Sissy! No!
Stella:      My Momma!
James:     No, Stella!
Stella:      My Daddy!!!
James:     No, Stella - Daddy is riding his bike to work, okay?
Stella:      Okay.  My Daddy!
James:     No!  You go to timeout, okay?
Stella:      My Daddy.
James:     My Mommy.
Stella:      My choo choo train.
James:     No! Don't say that.

I'm watching this dialogue like watching a close tennis match.  What a hilarious duo.  It's nice to be fought over.  "My Mommy!"

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