May 23, 2011

The Balance of the Sexes

I love this Instagram app for the iPhone.  Oh, and I love the iPhone.  But duh.  That's not even worth posting. Everyone loves their iPhone.  Old news.  But I love that this app creates fabulous artsy-fartsy photos with a click of a phone...stuff that used to take hours to obtain in PhotoShop.  

I haven't blogged about the monkeys in a while.  Not because nothing has happened.  Quite the opposite actually. Just crazy land. 

We had a bit of the battle of the sexes here in the Zoo tonight.  James is more or less potty-trained.  He still hasn't figured out the no-poo-in-the-pants thing.  But how about a big boy standing up to pee?  His father is so proud.  

For standing up to pee, he got two mini M&Ms. 

Stella is near potty-trained.  She tried to stand up to pee after watching her brother; didn't want to take "no" for an answer.  Finally, I pointed to James' uh, thing, and said, "Stella, you don't have a pee pee, see?"  She scrunches her face, sits down on the potty and pouts. 

After peeing in the potty, she was awarded one M&M by the Expert.  

Then it struck me.  My baby girl was actually just subconsciously punished and denied the extra treat her brother was awarded....for her lack of weiner!!  Oh, hell to the no!  

Of course, this was absolutely not intentional.  Still. An announcement was made: the M&M situation was the last time someone in this house is awarded simply for having a wee wee.  

To which the Expert aptly responded, "Oh yes, because we with weiners are rewarded all the time around here."   

Still! How careful one must be when raising boys and girls together.  How unbelievably tricky.  The smallest thing, like an extra M&M for standing up to pee... who knows the consequences and hours of therapy later in life. 

James:     I went pee pee in the potty, Stella!

Stella:      I pee too, Bubba!  I potty tooooo.

James:     I have pee pee weiner, Stella!

Stella:      No!

James:     Yes, I do.  Do you have weiner Stella?

Stella:      No!  (thinking) You go time out, okay?

James:     No! I no go to timeout.  You do.

Stella:      No! I go potty! Now! Okay?

James:    Okay, Stella.  Good job!

We had a stressful but lovely weekend.  Anyone with kids understands precisely what that means. 
Nice, sunshiny day at the local Lifetime Fitness; a fabulous dinner with friends and family on Saturday night... the two events which were smashed in between lots of baby brawling and kids with runny noses, less sleep than is human.. etc..etc...
Still, for once in my life I am enjoying the hot weather... and enjoying a son who is doing fabulous in the way of being more manageable every day.  We are pretty darn religious with the therapy and the discipline, and I am just plain grateful for the leaps and bounds we are seeing. 

Until next time...

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