May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Even after well over three years and two munchkins, I still have no idea what motherhood means or how to be a good mother.  I know what motherhood has done to me (heartattacks, wrinkles, more fat than I had before).  But gracefully and effectively handling motherhood and raising kids? I am lost as I can be.

I find being a mother to be an incredible sacrifice.  I am no longer the pilot of my own plane, but more like a bird that gets caught in the plane's propeller, survives, and heads straight back for the plane again.

But I find motherhood to be an enormous blessing.  I got the kids up this morning (yes, the husband is still sleeping... how did that happen on Mother's Day? That's another blog for another day....), and the cutest girl in the world greeted me: Stella was sitting in her rocking chair, rocking her naked twin babydolls, and she said, "Hi Momma! I gots the babies. Babies are sweet!" Then she picked out the cutest tutu skirt to wear, and we went to get her Bubba up.

After walking in his room, James immediately said, "I have to go potty"... and so he did, right on the potty (and so did Stella!)  And not only that, he woke up with a dry diaper.  That's a happy Mother's Day: potty trained kids.

I never thought my weekends would be broken down to blocks of potty time and screams of "you did it! you went peepee!"  But this is it!  My life as a mother is in full swing.  And today, is a beautiful day. I have two precious kids sitting at the table, working puzzles. At this second, there is no drama or fighting. I am immeasurably blessed and lucky.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in my life.  I love you.

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