June 5, 2011


Stella can escape from any child-proof contraption.  She escapes from her room at night.  Freaks me out.  It's bad, because she doesn't say anything.  She doesn't leave her room and scream down the stairs, "I'm outttttt!" or "look at me!!!"

Just all of the sudden, there she is. Escaped from upstairs.  She appears... by the light of the moon, Poltergeist-style, staring at me... saying nothing.

The other morning at 4:45am, I heard her bang her door open.  So I knew she was coming.  I went into the hallway.  There she sat, quiet, with a caterpillar toy, staring at me like a total horror movie character.  

Why am I scared by my own kid?   Oh, yeah... because it's just plain freaky.

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