June 24, 2011

Friday Nite Funny

On our way home from the Mexican restaurant, the Expert stops at the store.  It's raining, and crazy outside.

Expert:     (to the kids)  You guys be quiet as a mouse for Mommy. (shuts car door)

James:      I not be quiet as a mouse. I not a mouse.

Stella:       I mouse.

Me:          I'm a mouse, too, Stella!

Stella:       Me an Mommy ki-et mousies!

James:     No!

Stella:      Yes yes yes, Bubba.  Me an Mommy ki-et mousies!! Mousies!

James:     No, not quiet mouse. I quiet like a rhinoceros!  I quiet like rhinoceros!

Stella:     (thinking) Dude, no nos-erous!

James:     Mom, Stella said "dude."

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