July 9, 2011

Blueberries & Alma Mater

Took the kids blueberry picking today. I realized that I hadn't posted anything in a long time on this blog.  But really, all we've been doing with the kids is taking them to the gym and to the pool.  Who wants to read blog entry after blog entry about a pool?

The blueberry picking was fun, but super hot.  The nice thing about the blueberries - James picked them, and didn't have to fib about it (this time).

I understand why blueberries are so expensive now.  Takes alot of picking to get a little container.  We fared pretty well, though.

Three potty breaks later, we hit the road again.  On our way out of the farm, I realized we were only fifteen miles from Athens, so I begged the Expert to take us to RuSan's for lunch.  It's a sushi/Japanese food place.  The kids ate sushi with chopsticks, and it was sooooooo good.  I felt so happy to be in Athens for the day.

Then, I figured we ought to introduce the kids to our alma mater and do the traditional pictures under the Arch at the University of Georgia.  

Finished off by taking them on a tour of the Law School (another potty break really), where I told them several times not to even think about becoming lawyers.

Oh... there was a dinosaur spotting at the Arch...

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Kelly Koenig said...

Is that the Herty Field fountain? That's where Kurt proposed 8 years ago :)