August 25, 2011

Rapid Fire Thursday

Stella and James are exiting the dark zone.  What I mean by the "dark zone" is the terrible toddler years.  I can almost feel myself breathe. (Almost).  They (sometimes) listen to my instructions.  They (sometimes) eat their vegetables.  They (sometimes) are sweet and don't hit each other.

The conversations between the two of them are hi-lar-ious.  They use little catch-phrases they have picked up along the way, in completely inappropriate places, and it's tickling.

For example, last night, James tried to open the door and couldn't because he had lotion on his hands. The Expert stepped in front of him and opened the door for him.  To which Stella responded, "Good job, Daddy!"

And they jump conversational topics like rapid fire.

Just a few minutes ago, here went the dialogue:
James:   Stella remember the time you were a little girl?  And you cried like a baby?

Stella:    I no cry, Bubba.

James:   Yes, you did, oh yes, you did.

Stella:    No way.  You go to timeout.

James:   You have a snack, baby dinosaur.  Sit down baby, dino!

Stella:   Snack?

James:  Sit down, baby dino! Here's some peanuts! Cookies, animal crackers, and you can eeeeat if you want.

Stella:   Mmmmmmm!  [Acting like dinosaur]

James:  Be a dino like this Stella!

Stella:    NO! I am dinosaur, Bubba.  I eat!  I eat!  

James:   Let's go to school.  You are the teacher!

Stella:    I in class.  Yes, class.

James:   I forgot!  I am late!

Stella:    Oh, no Bubba.

James:   You be a sheep, Stella.  Say "Baaa!"

Stella:    Baaa! Baa!

James:   No, Stella... Baaaaaaaa!  Not "baa baa"!

Stella:   Baaa! Baaa!

James:  Stelllllllll-uh, no.  Go see Mommy.

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