August 29, 2011

School's Back

Today was the first day back at "school" for James and Stella.  I didn't drop them off, because they tend to wail, gnash their teeth and cry like crazy if I come within ten feet of the school.  If they see me...they want to spend the day with Mom, not teachers.

However, when our nanny drops them off, they are usually just fine and understand that tons of *fun* is about to happen at school.

Our nanny just texted me and said, "Tons of tears and screaming from the other kids at school, but James and Stella were happy as two peas in a pod."

I love that about those monkeys of mine.  James and Stella, despite the fact that they are nuts, seem so well-adjusted, roll-with-the punches type kids.  We usually have a sitter come one day on the weekends, in the morning, so the Expert and I can go on a bike ride for our triathlon training.

The kids have a blast with the young girls who come to "play" with them, and the Expert and I can get a few hours of "us" time.  Then when the Expert and I return home, we take the kids to the pool, ice cream or whatever they want to do. It feels like a balance that way.

Last night, at bedtime, James looks at me and asked:  "Mom, who's coming to play with us tomorrow?"

I was heartbroken at first, thinking, OMG how sad that my kids think they are always getting left. 

However, right after I started feeling bad, James says: "I really really like you, Mommy. And I really really like all the friends who come play with me and Sissy. We play with bubbles, and coloring, and have stickers and...."

Of course, that doesn't award me the "Get Out of Mothering Free" card, but it does make me feel a little better.

I want my kids to love me, to want to spend time with me.  But to have fiercely independent children is also very important to me. So I think... so far, so good.

I can guilt myself to death about being a working, triathlon training, blogging, busy mom.  But with all my endeavors and tons of different "jobs," I hope the kids can see that life is busy and most of the time... you gotta entertain yourself and roll with the punches.

They are good kids. I am proud.


Maeve's Momma said...

Gotta love the balance. I feel the same way when we get a sitter or have my in-laws come play with Maeve. I love that there's nary a backward glance at us, just the excitement of fun and games and happiness when we return. Really takes the pressure off.

Becca said...

finding a balance really is the hardest part!! :-) I just wanted to thank you so much for all your love and prayers for Caden, they mean so much to us!!