September 23, 2011


The Expert headed to Australia yesterday, my parents' house caught on fire on Wednesday (yes, really...horrific....awful....awful...), and our nanny's mother is ill... so hence comes crazy land.  I hate when the rug feels like it's starting to slip...

For a break, I took the kids to dinner and then for a jaunt around the block.

An ankle-biter dog ran at them, and you wouldn't believe the drama-rama those two kids showed... "aaaaaahhhhh!! doggggggg!!!"  It was insane.

We have "Champ" in our house this week - the class "pet" from James' class.  I'm having flashbacks of Oreo. Oh how I love parent homework assignments. Love love love.

Should be a fun weekend.  Maybe.  If we all survive.

I love these kids.  They are so amazing and sweet.  They are busy.  Crazy.  Loud.  But happy, healthy and sweet.  I am blessed beyond words.  

My parents survived what could have been a devastating event to their health and their lives - it's going to be a long road for them, to get the house back to anything close to normal... but I am so glad they are HERE.  It could have been bad.

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