October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Boy Monkey

I was going to wait until midnight to post this or save it for tomorrow - on your actual birthday - but that would require a few things of which I am currently incapable:

1) staying up past 10, or
2) remembering to post it tomorrow when the day becomes insane.

Instead, I post now.


Dear James -

Happy 4th birthday! Four years ago, you came into this world with a vengeance.

You ate like a crazy baby.  You pooped like a machine.  You wore me out beyond words or grunts or snorts.  Did you ever sleep?  Ever?  Ever?

Four years ago, my world was rattled and it continues to rock.

I am still tired from you.  But somehow, I never tire of you.

I love you, boy monkey.  Thank you for showing me what real love, sacrifice and craziness is.  I thought I knew.  But there's nothing like a baby boy to prove to me one big thing:  I know absolutely nothing, will never remember anything again, and... don't care a lick about that.

I am proud of you.  You are sweet, kind and sensitive.  You feel and see things that other four year olds don't.  And you are a stinker beyond words (figuratively and literally - those toots - whew.).

You will always make me work to keep this family rotating. I can see that.  But there's a method to your genius little madness. You keep me in check.  You make me prioritize.

And for that, I appreciate you on a deeper level than "hey you're my kid and I should love you."  You are destined for big things. I feel it down to my aching bones.

I like when you saying things like, "Mom, you're my best friend, like Gossie & Gertie" or "Mom, remember the day I was born?"

Sometimes, I think you actually do.

So on your 4th birthday, I love you more than ever.

My life started the day you were born.


October 22, 2011

Big Boy Business

We celebrated James' 4th birthday quietly (a few days early due to time constraints)...but we did it well - with a surprise big boy bed unveiling.

The Expert took the kids away for the morning and I was to paint James' bedroom.

Well, I finished that.  (But not before finding a pair of little baby socks under the dresser.  That, coupled with hauling his toddler bed downstairs, caused a little waterworks.)


So I finished painting. And I was waiting around.  The Expert was going to put the bed together in the afternoon, but I was impatient.

I wandered into the garage and looked at the giant  boxes.  Slowly, I unpacked the bed, hauled mattress and boxsprings upstairs.  It was a sight - me dragging all that stuff upstairs by myself.  I hauled the toddler bed, the train table, and junk downstairs.

Finally.  I was so happy to have his big boy room complete.

And after cupcakes and "happy birthday" song, the little guy was happy too.

 He said, "Oh cool! I love my big bed!"

(Stella ran to her room to see her "big girl bed."  :(   I told her, she'll have hers for her birthday.  Still, that broke my heart.)

Happy Birthday, buddy.  I love you.

October 11, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

When I get home from the work in the afternoons, the children are like wild banshees.  I decided that we would start doing craft projects in the afternoons, to help them wind down before dinner.  Tonight, I picked up some foam sheets and craft paper for impromptu caterpillars.

As I cut out the circles, the kids assembled their respective caterpillars.

I am in love with the end products, which are total reflections of their personalities. I am in love with these kids of mine.



October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

Oh, we love a pumpkin patch... we actually never miss a pumpkin patch.  This year proved no different at Randy's Pumpkin Patch in Lawrenceville, which came complete with bouncy house, petting zoo, and pony rides.  Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog!

October 6, 2011

Hotdogs in Blankets

Poor baby girl has had a time of it over the past two days.  Something got ahold of her (bug bite, so sayeth the Doc). She is "fine" but she looks like someone took her out in a boxing match.

The one on the top was yesterday, and the one below is today.  So there is some improvement.

What a mess, tho.  And heartbreaking.  She wasn't in pain.  Her eye was bugging her, but she was okay.  But to look at her... she was just pitiful.

To help distract things, the kids and I made "pigs in a blanket."  Only this time, I really let them go at it.  Check out this fine looking batch.

My favorite (courtesy of Stella):

James said after eating five... "More hotdogs in blankets, please!"

Stella said, "More ban-kets!"