October 22, 2011

Big Boy Business

We celebrated James' 4th birthday quietly (a few days early due to time constraints)...but we did it well - with a surprise big boy bed unveiling.

The Expert took the kids away for the morning and I was to paint James' bedroom.

Well, I finished that.  (But not before finding a pair of little baby socks under the dresser.  That, coupled with hauling his toddler bed downstairs, caused a little waterworks.)


So I finished painting. And I was waiting around.  The Expert was going to put the bed together in the afternoon, but I was impatient.

I wandered into the garage and looked at the giant  boxes.  Slowly, I unpacked the bed, hauled mattress and boxsprings upstairs.  It was a sight - me dragging all that stuff upstairs by myself.  I hauled the toddler bed, the train table, and junk downstairs.

Finally.  I was so happy to have his big boy room complete.

And after cupcakes and "happy birthday" song, the little guy was happy too.

 He said, "Oh cool! I love my big bed!"

(Stella ran to her room to see her "big girl bed."  :(   I told her, she'll have hers for her birthday.  Still, that broke my heart.)

Happy Birthday, buddy.  I love you.

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