October 6, 2011

Hotdogs in Blankets

Poor baby girl has had a time of it over the past two days.  Something got ahold of her (bug bite, so sayeth the Doc). She is "fine" but she looks like someone took her out in a boxing match.

The one on the top was yesterday, and the one below is today.  So there is some improvement.

What a mess, tho.  And heartbreaking.  She wasn't in pain.  Her eye was bugging her, but she was okay.  But to look at her... she was just pitiful.

To help distract things, the kids and I made "pigs in a blanket."  Only this time, I really let them go at it.  Check out this fine looking batch.

My favorite (courtesy of Stella):

James said after eating five... "More hotdogs in blankets, please!"

Stella said, "More ban-kets!"

1 comment:

The Host said...

Oh man! If my poor little girl made that face, I'd give her anything she wanted for dinner. Up to and including ACTUAL mud pies.