November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving & 'Tis the Season

Mia and Stella

Pre-Thanksgiving fun.

Mombow and the Monkeys snapping green beans. Love. 

The Expert does the Big Bird.  Awesome meal. I love this man. 

Papooh and the babies.

Ready. Set.

Grub.  Turkey, creamed collards, cheddar scallion biscuits, macaroni & cheese, 
mashed potatoes, tomato gravy and creamed collards

More grub.

The arrival of "Pickles."

Thompson Tree Farm. 

Mia and Papa.

 The ominous "beef-a-lo."

Mombow, Papooh and Me. 

Feeding the goats.

James:  "Mom, I had a good time at the Christmas tree patch."

Stella: "Look Mia.  Itsa gooooat."

 Post-tubby snuggles.

The Clan (minus the Photog)

Maze of trees.

Sitting by the fire.

Wishing for more. 


Princess Stella. 

Decorating the tree.

Stella's two ornament placement.

Sweet Monkey.


Time to Rest.

November 18, 2011

Thankful Feast

I went to the kids' Thanksgiving "feast" at school today.  This was an added bonus to the nearby job - being able to actually appear as mom... instead of Aunt Mommy.  [We'll ignore the fact that when our nanny left, Stella cried for her. Ugh.]

Still, it was a great time.  Stella's feast was first at 11.  All the little munchkins walked into the gym in a line, dressed as little pilgrims and native americans (how's that for PC)... and Stella was stoked to see me.  And I was STOKED to be there.

We had a nice little lunch, and she hugged me at least 50 times.  I felt very blessed to be there.

After I stuffed my face at Stella's feast, it was time for James' lunch.   The last few times I have been to school with James have not panned out so well.  

This went off without a hitch.

I truly enjoyed being able to take time with my children today.

PS - Today is my 32nd birthday too.  Funny how ridiculously unimportant birthdays are as a real live adult....

November 12, 2011


Trip to INK in Gainesville with the kids today.  Pretty cool children's museum that touts itself as a hands-on Children's Museum.  True to form, there was a cow to milk (faux cow), a fire truck, police car, pretend dentist office, doctor's office, courtroom, classroom, vet's office and radiology.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed and were adequately worn out.  Although I think I am more tired from being the "patient." 

And I got to see my best good friend Beth and her munchkins too. 

Lunch at Mellow Mushroom.  I'm pooped.