November 1, 2011

Making 70.3 Thousand Wishes

When the Expert and I walked in from our 70.3 Ironman trip, Stella looked at me and said, "Oh Momma. You run?  You ride your tricycle?  You swim?"

The lesson of all this triathlon craziness is for our kids.  I know triathlon seemingly takes from the children.  But I can't buy that nonsense either.

The kids know we run, we bike, and we swam. And that makes them automatically predisposed to move.  It's normal, and that makes me feel - that the time away is worth it.

I make wishes every day that this babies will never worry about their weight, their self-image.  That it won't be an issue. Life is hard enough without that.  I pray 70.3 thousand prayers for that.

Plus, Superman and Belle tend to be awesome anyway.

Super de duper thanks to Mia and Papa for watching the monkeys.  We are blessed beyond words.

"Stella, you are so pretty," the Expert tells her.

"Yes," she says. No self-esteem issues there.  (Love love love).

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Sparkling said...

I totally agree that when they grow up with you doing it, they want to do it too. Monkey see monkey do! I did a race yesterday and there was a boy, maybe 4 years old, walking with his mother in front of me who totally understood that she was about to run a race. We had to walk through a path to get to the registration table and he wondered if we were all in the race at that very moment. THen he said "when I'm bigger and I do my race..." See monkey run, run run!