November 18, 2011

Thankful Feast

I went to the kids' Thanksgiving "feast" at school today.  This was an added bonus to the nearby job - being able to actually appear as mom... instead of Aunt Mommy.  [We'll ignore the fact that when our nanny left, Stella cried for her. Ugh.]

Still, it was a great time.  Stella's feast was first at 11.  All the little munchkins walked into the gym in a line, dressed as little pilgrims and native americans (how's that for PC)... and Stella was stoked to see me.  And I was STOKED to be there.

We had a nice little lunch, and she hugged me at least 50 times.  I felt very blessed to be there.

After I stuffed my face at Stella's feast, it was time for James' lunch.   The last few times I have been to school with James have not panned out so well.  

This went off without a hitch.

I truly enjoyed being able to take time with my children today.

PS - Today is my 32nd birthday too.  Funny how ridiculously unimportant birthdays are as a real live adult....

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