November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving & 'Tis the Season

Mia and Stella

Pre-Thanksgiving fun.

Mombow and the Monkeys snapping green beans. Love. 

The Expert does the Big Bird.  Awesome meal. I love this man. 

Papooh and the babies.

Ready. Set.

Grub.  Turkey, creamed collards, cheddar scallion biscuits, macaroni & cheese, 
mashed potatoes, tomato gravy and creamed collards

More grub.

The arrival of "Pickles."

Thompson Tree Farm. 

Mia and Papa.

 The ominous "beef-a-lo."

Mombow, Papooh and Me. 

Feeding the goats.

James:  "Mom, I had a good time at the Christmas tree patch."

Stella: "Look Mia.  Itsa gooooat."

 Post-tubby snuggles.

The Clan (minus the Photog)

Maze of trees.

Sitting by the fire.

Wishing for more. 


Princess Stella. 

Decorating the tree.

Stella's two ornament placement.

Sweet Monkey.


Time to Rest.

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