December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Expert

The Expert turns 35 years old tomorrow.  There is a high likelihood that I will be stuck working late tomorrow, so the kids and I planned a "fabulous" birthday party for him this evening.

Okay, so really, I'm a better photographer than liar.  This is a more accurate representation of the party.

Yes, I gave my husband $10.  That's actually a big deal at this particular moment in time. 

Two helpers setting the table.  The use of the word "helpers" is a little loose.  

Opening cards.  Actually found an Iron Man card for James to give; a princess card for Stella. They did great decorating them. Putting them in the envelope...not so much.

Dude. We ate ALOT.  I have to complement myself on the food... I am not the typical chef in the house, but the "Surf 'n' Surf" I made was downright yum.  Maybe because I've been dieting.  Again.  And anything that isn't Greek yogurt and blueberries sounds delish.

Well.  Happy 35th birthday tomorrow to the love of my life, the cake on my icing (ha), and the dude that always makes me laugh.  Love you.

And no night is complete without bedtime stories.  The kids love the stories the Expert tells.  When I try and tell stories they stare at me like I have three heads. 

The Expert is a good dad.  No one can ever say anything different.

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