February 22, 2012


James, Age 4
Coloring, Gymnastics, Puzzles
Dinosaurs, Animals
Playing with Sticks

Stella, Age 3
Babies, Coloring, Dance
Princesses, Hide & Seek
 Riding a bike

Favorite Phrases: James
"You're driving me crazy."
"I need a hug and a kiss."
"Stella's bugging me."
"You be back after work, right?"

Favorite Phrases: Stella
"You're my best friend, Momma."
"James is biting me." (he's not)
"I wanna watch Mermaid."
"I'm a beautiful princess."
"You go to work, Ms. Mommy?"

Sweetest Moment to Date and Out of the Blue:
James:   I love you, Stella.
Stella: I love you, too, Bubba. 

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