March 10, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Well, really, I'm the only one who's being lazy today. Okay, so Stella Rae squeezed in some good nappage.

The Expert is cleaning out the garage, the kids have run laps around the neighborhood, and I am sitting with my gimpy foot up on the coffee table and writing triathlon tales for the book.

The Expert had James working upstairs, and promised him some money. Then came the lesson in saving money and we made a piggy bank. Okay, so a piggy box. It was an "on the fly" lesson, so it will have to do for now. Well, that is something productive I did: wrapped a box in paper, and cut a hole in the top.  James made thirty cents for his efforts.  The child labor commission is going to come after the Expert.

Stella Rae woke up from her couch nap to find that James had made money and gained a piggy box.  We had to bribe with suckers to keep the chaos from spiraling out of control.

Stella's boo boo nose. She had a fight with a chair. Chair won.

The smoking robot is making a Boston Butt outside, the air is smelling super good, and I am ready for a relaxing (ha) evening. Well, perhaps a nice one, nevertheless.

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