April 28, 2012


Stella: I love you, James. You're my sister.

James: I love these sharks on my computer.

Stella: Oh yes. I love these sharks too and you, Bubba.

James: Oh okay. I love you too, Stella. Wanna play sharks?

Stella: Oh yes.

April 15, 2012

3rd Annual Strawberry Picking

This time, unlike last year, James picked his own bucket of strawberries.  Two years ago, his sister picked all the berries, and he took all the credit.

We ended up freezing six large bags of berries, all for about $30.  The Expert and I like smoothies, so these are perfect. I figure we could have gotten that many strawberries at the grocery for about $70.  Our freezer is full.

After the picking, we stopped by a new cupcake shop and picked out four special cupcakes.  The day was still early by the time we had picked strawberries and put cupcakes into our veins.  The life of parenting young ones... so much accomplished before 10:30am.

April 12, 2012

A Play of Clothes

Act I, Scene I:

James, age four, comes downstairs after dressing himself.  He's wearing a Christmas sweater, green pants (backwards) and black socks. In April. Stella, age 3, had dressed herself a few moments before, stands watching. She is wearing Mary Jane shoes, a red shirt with chocolate stains and a pink tutu.

James:   I did it, I got dressed!

Stella:    Oh, James.  You so handsome.

James:   Thank you, Stella.

Stella:    James, oh James, you handsome!

James:   No, I not.

Stella:    Yes! James. Yes! You are a pwince!

James:   I am not a prince, I am a boy.  And you are a princess.

Stella:    (twirling) I am a beautiful pwincess!

James:   Yes, you are Stella.

Stella:    Thank you, Bubba.

Visit with "Uncle Larry" and "Aunt Sandy"

April 1, 2012

Wednesday Thru Sunday Whirlwind....

From Easter parties at school, egg hunts, to homemade cioppino on the ready-for-summer back deck... to planting the garden, playing at the park, pictures with bunnies...Disney on Ice and Italian dinner... it was as busy of a weekend as we've ever had.  As for Disney.. the kids were surprisingly (and pleasantly) unimpressed.