April 12, 2012

A Play of Clothes

Act I, Scene I:

James, age four, comes downstairs after dressing himself.  He's wearing a Christmas sweater, green pants (backwards) and black socks. In April. Stella, age 3, had dressed herself a few moments before, stands watching. She is wearing Mary Jane shoes, a red shirt with chocolate stains and a pink tutu.

James:   I did it, I got dressed!

Stella:    Oh, James.  You so handsome.

James:   Thank you, Stella.

Stella:    James, oh James, you handsome!

James:   No, I not.

Stella:    Yes! James. Yes! You are a pwince!

James:   I am not a prince, I am a boy.  And you are a princess.

Stella:    (twirling) I am a beautiful pwincess!

James:   Yes, you are Stella.

Stella:    Thank you, Bubba.

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