June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Watching airplanes.
With a super duper early morning wake up call, we decided to celebrate Father's Day with the Expert first thing this morning. 

"James and Daddy"
The good thing about having a "Foodie" for a husband is (yes) the cooking, but he's a joy to buy presents for.  A mandoline and some soup thing.  Money.

The kids illustrated the wrapped boxes and made fabulous cards. 

They set the table too. Rock. Okay, so I picked the giant mint for decorations. I wish I had some rum and simple sugar mix with that about now. 13 hours with the kids today was crazy.

Happy Father's Day to the Expert, my Dad, Papooh and all the other fathers in my world. 

I have the best father in the world... and my kids have the best father in the world.  Figure that one out.
Love ya'll.

Watching the moon landing on the iPad.

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