July 26, 2012

Swim Goobers

The kids are *finally* learning to swim (really swim)... Thanks to a fellow triathlete friend who is teaching lessons and our nanny taking them during the day. I'm not sure when in the world we would have time to do three times a week lessons!

Practicing holding breath. Word.
Total swim immersion this week (3 lessons), followed by 3 next week and 3 more the week after.

Stella is already swimming halfway across the pool and diving for rings. Captain Careful (James) is going at his own pace, but has put his face in the water and blown bubbles. I love both my little fish.

Stella the Fish

July 22, 2012

Swim Soup

Stella calls her swimsuit a "swim soup."  It cracks me up everytime.  She loves to dance.  She has a happy streak like her daddy. And her mommy... these days.

July 18, 2012

Turning Dangerously Five

James:  Mommy, when I turn five can I have a birthday party?
Me:       Of course, where do you want to have the party?
James:  I was thinking of the dangerous zoo.
Me:       Oh, I don't know about that. How about at Monkey Joe's?
James:  Oh, sure. Can I invite Joe?
Me:       Monkey Joe?
James:  No, Painter Joe.

[Painter Joe is the dude who paints our house].

Me:       Well, I guess we can invite Painter Joe.
James:  Oh good.  And I want dangerous toys, too, okay? For when I turn five? Like a dangerous bear with claws and a cat with ears.
Me:       What is dangerous about a cat with ears----
James:   Oh and I want a pet puppy.  Oh, wait, I can't have a puppy. You're allergic.  I'll just have a toy cat with ears and a dangerous puppy toy.
Me:       Aw.  Buddy, I'm sorry I'm allergic.
James:  That's okay. It's not your fault. Allergies are dangerous.
Me:       Yes, they are.
James:   I can't wait to be five.  And then six.
Me:       Me too, buddy. 

July 6, 2012

Fourth of July

The monkeys spent a few days over the 4th of July at Mia and Papa's house in Savannah. 

We also visited the Expert's family and grandparents in St. Simon's Island.

This was the first car trip where I did not want to throw myself out of the car and onto the highway.  The kids were fabulous travellers this time.

As long as Stella had her blanket and her "fancy shoes" and James had his coloring book, we were golden.  Not to say there were no rough patches in the car, but the times have changed (for the better!) with the travelling.

The kids are doing great in the pool now.  We are scheduled to get some swimming lessons brewing. James obtained the nickname of "Captain Careful" in the water... whereas, Stella... gotta watch her or she will jump right in.  The child is fearless.

Every day gets more awesome with the kids. 

There were some times where I thought having kids was ridiculous... because it was SO HARD and tiring. I still do not appreciate a 6:30 am wake-up call (every single day) - but that's part of the reason triathlon training makes sense.